Android Grocery Shopping List App ToMarket Updated

After some time, the Android Grocery Shopping List app ToMarket has been updated. Check out the app in the Google Play Store right HERE

You can also check out the website over at the official site:

Here is a short list of the features:

  • Enhanced voice features – move a list of items to your need list all at once and much, much more!
  • Convert HandyShopper Files – Use our new ToMarketHSConverter to convert your HandyShopper.pdb files into ToMarket files.
  • Purchase History – Record your purchase history for checking date, store and cost of previous purchases.
  • Per Store Aisles – Associate unique aisles with each store.
  • Fully Customizable – Choose which features to use, which items to display.
  • Bar Code Scanning – Add items to list by scanning the barcode, once in the list scan to move it to need or cart.
  • Voice Recognition – Search for items on your list and easily move it to need or cart.
  • Email or Text – Use email or text to share your list with someone else.
  • Coupons – Track which items you have coupons for.
  • Price Your List – Save money by tracking the cost of all items on your need list or in your cart.
  • Import/Export Data – Easily export and import your data to and from your SD card.
  • Modify CSV List – Copy export file from your SD card to your computer, make edits and then import back into ToMarket on your Android device.
  • Create Multiple Lists – Stay organized with lists for everything you need: groceries, movies, wine, tasks, books, gifts, etc.


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