Google Home Assistant Easy Garage Door Home Automation

This is an easy way to add home automation to your existing garage door with a pretty simple, cheap, and quick to install device.

The first thing you will need is one of these MHCOZY WiFi devices.

When you get it, just follow the steps here:

  1. Install the eWeLink app from the Google Store
  2. Add a USB power cable to the device (NOT INCLUDED WITH THE DEVICE – you probably have some already, they are just micro usb)
  3. Power up the device, and follow the instructions to pair it to the device
  4. You will need the wifi password
  5. You may need to turn off 5Ghz mode on your router if the app complains about only being able to use 2.4Ghz (you can turn it back on after the pairing witout issues)
  6. You will need to press the pairing button on the device (the one that is lit) for a few seconds to get it into pairing mode
  7. When this is complete, you should be able to use the eWeLink App to hit turn on (there is only “On” when it comes to circuits of this type – it’s just a button push, and as with your garage door opener device, it is not aware of open and closed, so on is open, and on is closed)
  8. Now head into Google Home and add a previously configured device
  9. IMPORTANT – in order to avoid confusion READ THIS – the app to link in Google Home is called “Smart We Link” (thanks for naming it something else eWeLink folks 🙁  )
  10. Now the device should click when you hit open, via the app or by talking to Google Home (using the device name you used during app install or Home alias name)
  11. Next, unplug the device and head to the garage
  12. Wire the device to your garage door, and into the Common (center) and Normally Open (labeled NO on the back of the device) connector. I had a striped wire going to the garage opener from the wall switch (which I left in place, I just added another set of wires to those terminals) so I ran that striped into the NO and the white wire into the Common.
  13. I mounted the device to the 2×4 on the ceiling, powered up, and BOOM – the app and google home now control the garage for about 15 bucks US

Hope this helps if you are looking into a garage door home automation solution. You can use this little device to do other things (and I just ordered another so hold on tight) like powering on a PC, and controlling gates, lights with an add-in circuit board etc. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or other uses.

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