LG 65C8 Sonos Soundbar Integration Magic Remote

So I have the LG 65C8 with WebOS 4.x and had a little trouble getting it to play nicely with my Sonos system, particularly the Soundbar and the included LG “Magic Remote”. A little web help and some fooling around with the following instructions got everything working, and the Soundbar happy in the new ecosystem


  1. Plug the optical port into the LG set
  2. Go to Universal Remote Control for your LG TV and then choose Soundbar -> Manufacturer -> Philips
  3. Choose Remote type 4 (maybe 3 some have said, but 4 worked for me, aside from a slower 1 at a time vol up/down instead of continuous up-up-up when mashing the key, may try 3 later)
  4. Once that’s done, go to the Sonos app and go to Rooms -> More -> Settings -> Room Settings -> Choose the room for your PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE > Remote (under TV) and hit Remote Control Setup
  5. If it’s your first time there, you may need to enable IR etc.
  6. If you already had a remote, hit the “Replace current Remote”
  7. Prosper

This should get the Magic Remote working for your LG WebOS enable TV. Have fun!!

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