Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera – Too Many Notifications or Forgot to Arm

I really like the Arlo Pro 2 security camera systems. The app has a few limitations though, namely you cannot schedule custom modes to change on a schedule. Add to the fact that the custom modes are not available through an IFTTT voice command and we were struggling with too many notifications on the weekend or when we are home for the day, which leads to you ignore everything – then there is no benefit to having them until you notice something is wrong and you decide to take a look manually. I have created a custom mode (where garage triggers front door etc.) that uses the push notifications to provide the alerts, but it still had the same issue so I would come home and disable the cameras while I mow the lawn etc. The problem with that is when it gets late or I go to bed, the alarm is off for the night because I forgot to turn it on.

I tried an “If this then that” app routine that took care of all of the bedtime home automation, but the integration to Arlo only provides a connection to “Armed” – no way to get to the custom triggered setup in the arlo app.

My workaround here? I created another duplicate custom mode that has no push notifications – and switch to it in the case of being home and wandering around the property. It still records every movement, just without pesky notifications that train you to ignore them. Now though, everything is recorded and in the event I forget to arm the system with notifications, at least everything is being recorded and I can look back at whatever happened should there be an issue.

Now if those pesky Arlo Pro 2 add-on cameras weren’t $180/ea and pretty difficult to get, all would be perfect in the world (OK – and better Google Home and Assistant integration too…) Cheers!

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