Cake is on a Sinking Ship

Ironic release for a band not so ironically sinking. Cake’s recent release “We are on a Sinking Ship” is about as sad as one can think of for a band that used to be central to what it meant to be relevant with albums filled with fun ironic takes on life and being human. Their ship has sailed, and sadly it shows just how lost at sea they have become. Ten years ago McCrea and company moved into the “Shut up and play the hits” territory, basically telling audiences that filled a venue, you aren’t going to like the following – sorry, we are artist that don’t give a fuck. “Here, I’m giving away a tree – I care about things at a level you will never understand.” We are on a Sinking Ship shows just what a band that tastes success and wants to be hipster relevant can do to wreck a good time. You are not hipster, relevant, or having a good time. This garbage track is exactly where this band is, sinking, and sitting down to write music with a goal of “let’s write a song with our message” instead of “let’s make something special”. The ridiculously shitty lyrics and childish melody of this crap called a song are an insult to the capability of the group of days past. Wait for the label-lead or band needs to pay the bills tour that reintroduces their old chops sans this self-indulgent bucket of crap with a $20 ticket coming soon to a D list venue near you soon. I’ll sign up for that.

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