Arlo Pro 2 Google Home Hub “It looks like the stream is currently unavailable”

Banging my head on getting the Arlo Pro 2 cameras to stream to my TV and Google Home Hub with the error “It looks like the stream is currently unavailable”. This worked some time ago, so I tried rebooting the Arlo router, checking for device firmware updates, etc. Nothing helped. Scouring the web I found people getting some success with unlinking the Arlo device and reconnecting and lo and behold, it worked. Here are the steps (Home version from about 10/2018)

  1.  Open Google Home
  2. Click the + Add button on the Home Screen (Home icon)
  3. Click on Set up Device
  4. Click Have Something Already Set Up?
  5. Click Arlo under Linked services
  6. Click Unlink Account
  7. Go back to set up device
  8. Add your arlo account, follow prompts
  9. When the new devices are listed, add them to your rooms if you like
  10. Say ‘OK Google show [the front door]”‘
  11. Profit.

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