Nexus 6 Review – Shamu is in the house

The Nexus 6 has launched and WOW is it BIG!!! The screen is 5.96″ and it really shows when you hold it in your hand. I have been using it as a daily driver for the past few weeks and the biggest takeaway is that this thing is a two hander. I have medium sized hands and there is just no way to cover the entire screen with one paw. At first this seems to be a big thing, but quite quickly you get used tnexus6o the giant. Other phones look like toys at this point.

The Nexus 6 is also very expensive this time around – $650/700 for the 32gb/64gb versions. This was a pretty big jump from the 4 and 5, so it takes a bite out of the wallet to get one. Overall, a great device and I am glad to have the real estate.


  • Lollipop! Bold and Beautiful
  • Fast (most of the time – sometimes Lollipop slows things down to be pretty)
  • Notifications are awesome in Android 5.x
  • Huge beautiful, popping screen
  • NFC Tap setup
  • Amazing speakers – I have to turn it down, and it really sounds great

Not Like:

  • Slippery! This phone wants to jump out of your hand
  • The camera is slow to snap a pic
  • $700??? Wow.
Technical specifications

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