Top Ten Tips For The DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus

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Here is a list of the Top Ten things you should know as a new user of the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus:

1. Slow Blinking Green Lights!

Make very certain that the rear lights on your Phantom are flashing slow green before taking off – this means the drone has at least 6 GPS satellites detected and your drone will not fly away to Mexico or something looking for you.

2. Buy an Extra Battery

You get about 15 minutes of flight time with the DJI batteries. Get another one. Maybe two or three – you will want extra time when you are out in the field and finding a plug and charging the thing for an hour and a half is not fun.

3. Open Space – Lots of it!

As a new quad flyer, make sure you have open space and plenty of it. Open space does not include trees. They are evil. They eat Phantoms. Take my word for it, you want to find a place without them when you are getting the hang of flying.

4. Pilot Training Guide

The DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus comes with a “Pilot Training Guide” that has basic to advanced maneuvers. Take advantage of them. Over your first 20-30 flights perform figure eights and all of the various other moves so you can really know how to get out of a pickle. Or away from an evil tree.

5. Make a Flight Checklist

Make a checklist. Cap and Gimble brace off. Switches in right position. Power on controller, then WiFi extender, then Phantom. Green Lights. App connected. Camera in right position. Record? Green Lights!

6. Turn Off the Video!!

I don’t know how many times I forget to turn off the video recording and then power off the Phantom after landing. This trashes your video. The award winning one you just recorded of baby zebras or something. IF you do forget. Power the quad back up and let it sit for about 30 seconds – it often will repair the file itself.

7. Fly Responsibly!

Big one here folks. Don’t fly over a crowd or the local interstate or anything. You don’t want to be responsible for 2.5 pounds of falling rock from 500 feet up doing damage to things or people.

8. Get Acquainted with Return to Home

Practice the return to home feature. If you fly this thing 1500 feet down range chances are you are going to need some help getting it back if you cant figure out which way it is pointed. Return to home will make you cry for joy as your $1300 toy returns to view on it’s own. If you get experienced and want to switch to Naza-M mode you can also use the Home Lock feature to “pull her back”.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

Again, practice. And practice some more. The more flight hours you have, the better. The Phantom will surely be in a dangerous position or height or lose connection. Learning all of the ways that the drone will fly and methods at your disposal for getting it back is what you need more than anything.

10. Use the Camera Brace

Before you transport this thing, make sure you put the little plastic brace and lens cap on the camera. This protects the $500 mistake of breaking the gimbal and camera. You don’t want to write that check.

11. Wear Your Glasses

Bonus tip. If you wear glasses you want to wear your glasses.
At 500 feet on a bright day you might still hear it, but you probably will have trouble spotting it. Make sure you bring the specs.


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