Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 Status 7 “Assert Maguro” Error Fix

I was excited to see that the Android 4.1.1 Update for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPD+ device (Standard GSM device from the Google Play Store) was out and downloaded the files from Google for the upgrade. I hadn’t unlocked the bootloader on the phone yet, so I did that and went ahead and rooted it as well using the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. That process went well (I was pretty happy even with the push-button ease as it rebooted and applied the appropriate unlock, patch, and Clockwork Mod Recovery).

I copied the appropriate “takju” update file to the device root (mine was the JRO03C to IMM76I Linky-Link Here) and rebooted into recovery. When I went to apply the update file though I received the following error:

assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “maguro” I I get prop
(“”) == “maguro” >  “Status 7” error

What???? No Jelly Bean for me??? After I stopped crying and started an hour of Googling the issue I found some possible culprits:

1. You have a non-stock ROM applied

2. The ClockworkMod Version you have flashed to your device is incorrect

Well, the first one does not apply – Mine is stock all the way. But the second one is interesting. Turns out, when you use (at least the version that was out there today) the Nexus Toolkit to apply the Clockwork Mod Recovery, when you choose GSM, is the wrong version.  The Toolkit installs the 5.5.04 version, which is for CDMA, but should have installed 5.5.02 which is correct for the GSM version. To fix this, I simply installed ROM Manager on the phone from the Google Play Store and flashed the correct Clockwork Mod Recovery version to the phone (if you choose Nexus GSM it chooses the correct one for you.) Then a quick reboot into recovery, apply update from SD, and reboot. Then you have your wonderful Jelly Bean!

Here is the link to the Toolkit – It’s pretty awesome, even though it steered me wrong on the Clockwork Mod version.

Hope this helps others with the same problem!

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