Web Hosting == complete FAIL

Wow.  What a lousy day.  Today I found out what a huge FAIL is.  They had been my web hosting provider for the past year and it cam to a huge crumbling mess today.  I knew going in they weren’t exactly the biggest name in domain hosts but I gave them a chance and wish SO badly that I hadn’t.

Over the last year my suspicion that FunnyDawg really is just that – a dog, were aroused by a few bad experiences. First they changed “control panels” and let me know that I would have to start a new account a few months into it all, and start my site over.  Great.  Next up the Dawg is really messed up – have 2 domains?  They are both called FunnyDawg-small in their admin console.  Have fun drilling into each one to figure out which is which every time you go there.  Want to update your DotNetNuke site?  Fat chance there buddy, no admin rights to install new plugins or get updates to the ones you have.

This is pretty annoying stuff but today the folks really showed what they are made of.  2 weeks back I cancelled domain hosting for my 2nd domain “”.  Sure enough, their admins dropped from the admin panel.  February comes and they charge me for AND hosting.  I opened a ticket today and sent them this:

Hello, I opened a ticket and never received a response:
I am being billed for hosting a domain ( that I
cancelled. Please reimburse and discontinue future billing.
Mike Allred

So what do the geniuses at FunnyDawg do?  Delete and close my account!  Awesome!  OK, no problem, site is down a half day, I’m gonna live because they are going to fix it.  I open another ticket.  The response?

Sorry once an account is canceled it cannot be reactivated and must be re-ordered.  You were billed for the existing account which you wanted deleted.  The account was deleted and refunded per your request.

Huh?  I requested a deleted account?  Long story short, they claim they cannot reactivate the account.  Everything is gone.  History.  Several emails later with the owner and half witted “Billing” person I’m guessing they leave my with “nothing can be done.”  WOW.  You guys couldn’t admin your way out of a paper bag.

OK so the obvious: never use web hosting – it’s a complete joke.  I posted a comment on their forum asking if I was going to have my site issue addressed.  They deleted the post.  When I said I would let people know about his great site, the scum bag that emailed me also suggested:

If one thing is posted anywhere you’ll hear from our attorney immediately!

HAHAHA. I suggested he is an idiot, and posting reviews of his lousy web hosting site would be my new hobby.

Check them out, I warned you.

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