Sharing the Family Media – Subsonic

For some time I have been looking for a way to easily share the family media. I have a networked house (including a domain server – overkill?) and a family full of media users. Recently the problem has moved beyond our 4 walls as the little tykes have grown and moved to their respective colleges. I needed a way to take the media to the internet and recently found nirvana.

Enter Subsonic. Subsonic is a great little software gadget that sets up a web server on your computer that can be accessed from wherever you are. There are Android apps, iOS apps, and a decent browser interface that lets you play music and videos right in the browser. Like what you are hearing? Just click the download button and you can transfer it to your current location (like your phone, or friends house…)

Install and setup is not for the beginner, but not an expert only solution either. Check out the site for downloads: I highly recommend this as a great way to access your media from the web – wherever you may be.

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