Syma S107 Helicopter Review

OK, so is the 3rd time a charm?

I have this thing about flying helicopters around the office.  Mainly because of the fear I see in the eyes of co-workers, but probably also because the sign in the parking lot says “no weapons allowed” which keeps me from bringing in a nerf-zooka or something.  My flying skills are pretty much non-existent, which really adds to the fear thing, but has caused a great deal of damage to my first 2 office helicopters and probably a bit to the overall wear and tear in cube-land.  I’m not sure if you could rank it up there with Black Hawk Down or anything, but lets just say I’ve been a few rows over apologizing for errant copters that were hell bent on giving someone a new hairdo.

Enter the Syma S107 R/C Helicopter with Built-in Gyroscope Remote – Red.  

So I did a little research, thinking that there should be some technology out there that will compensate for my lack of skills.  (I know this to be true, as I get paid a decent salary for typing all day and can barely type.)  So there I sit, making sure my Friday afternoon passes with some degree of productiveness, and I find the Syma S107. Excellent reviews?  A freaking Gyroscope?  I’ve never clicked my Amazon Prime one click purchase button faster.

So 2 agonizing days go by and this giant box shows up on the porch.  OMG, I think.  Way too big for office antics.  This sucker is probably capable of some helivac covert op of the entire bagel cache that group next to mine is always flaunting.   I’m going BIG TIME now.  So I rip the box open and find, well, this little copter that is a bit bigger than the last two, but really just perfect for showing off in the palm of your hand.

But the real news here is that this thing just works!  Did I say Gyroscope?  I can control this little guy like it is an extension of my soul! (over doing it there) Left, Right, Up, Down, Forward, Back.  Everything works just as you would expect. So I paid roughly the same for the earlier helicopters (~$30) but this thing is like a Rolls Royce compared to the others, with an aluminum fuselage, bright cockpit, a flashing light, and the piece de resistance: USB charging.

I’ve already ordered backup blades (hey I know my limitations) but you will love this as much as I do.  The Syma S107 is about as much fun as you can have without getting thrown out by security on a Friday afternoon.

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