How to Manage Multiple Arlo Pro 2 Camera Notifications

I have the Arlo Pro 2 camera system and felt like should anything ever really go wrong, I would miss out on some crucial information, namely the activity in the street. With my standard 3 camera system I focused the alerts on each of the zones I thought were most important: The front door, driveway, and back door.

This works great, but in the event something were to happen, I would have missed some helpful footage from the street. I tried having the driveway cam capture the street, but the notifications were overwhelming with cars, people, dogs, etc. always passing.

The solution was to add one more (darn those expensive cameras) to the house that points exclusively at the street and is armed with the rest of the system for motion, but does not notify. In this manner, anything that gets close will trigger the system and notify, and the additional street info might be helpful. Alos, if a neighbor reported something that passing vehicle information might be useful for, I would have that as well.

The only downsides for this are

  1. Battery drain – that street camera seems to only get about 10-12 days on the battery due to the always on and off recording (getting a wired connection for it now)
  2. The “Library” view in the online app is filled with video of the street so it takes some time to filter through those on actual notifications
  3. That same library view is slow to load, as there are a bunch more now

Let me know your tips and tricks for the Arlo system in the comments below!


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