Android Emulator 4.x API 16 Keyboard Issue

I was working on an android issue today where I wanted to use an emulator with no keyboard present. I tried creating a few different versions using API Level 16 4.0.3, and could get no keyboard present by editing the AVD in the Android Virtual Device Manager. After several attempts (and hey, this thing starts so darn fast each time you edit it) I was ready to quit trying. In other versions the on screen keyboard is launched when you tap the EditText, but for some reason all I would get in the latest emulator is the “Select Input Method” notification in the shade… not a keyboard even if I messed with the input settings.

Turns out the key is to add the Keyboard support = No to your AVD and then when you launch it, choose wipe user data. Ah, secret incantation that now exists that didn’t before! Thanks!

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