Nexus 6 Review – Shamu is in the house

The Nexus 6 has launched and WOW is it BIG!!! The screen is 5.96″ and it really shows when you hold it in your hand. I have been using it as a daily driver for the past few weeks and the biggest takeaway is that this thing is a two hander. I have medium sized […]



Nexus 6 Pre-Order Sells out Again – OnePlus One Ring a Bell?

The Nexus 6, complete with Lollipop Love, has sold out in mere moments again on this first Wednesday that Google promised new batches for pre-order. This is starting to feel a little like the sad OnePlus One rollout that is still, after months, lingering on. I suppose Motorola is in serious production at this point […]

Top Ten Tips For The DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus

          Here is a list of the Top Ten things you should know as a new user of the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus: 1. Slow Blinking Green Lights! Make very certain that the rear lights on your Phantom are flashing slow green before taking off – this means the drone […]


XBox One – No Windows Media Center?

The latest incarnation of the XBox – the XBox One has been out for a while now. It is a extremely powerful box, filled with all kinds of tricks and a next generation Kinect. Voice controls and snapping live TV tricks abound. But Microsoft shipped this unit without a key component to many TV enthusiasts […]

Foscam fi8910w Disable Audio

I purchased a Foscam fi8910w for use in the nursery. All in all, I have been fairly happy with it. I added the in-laws to a “Visitor” group so they could keep an eye on the new little bugger and thought, hey wait a minute! There is no way to disable the audio! After a […]


The Problem With Google’s Nexus Devices: No Accessories 1

I love the Google Nexus line of devices. They have proven to be solid performers, well designed, and always the first to receive updates to the OS when Google rolls out the latest “dessert”. I have owned each and every Nexus device, and look forward to the next but the strategy by Google has one […]


Nexus 4 Review

OK, it’s been a few weeks since the new Google phone arrived, the Nexus 7 so it’s time for a bit of a review. I have had all of the Nexus devices over the years and my initial thought when i started using the 4 was that this phone is the Ferrari compared to the […]